Hilow Angus Heading

Dan, Erin and Cassidy Howell

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My parents Robert and Marg purchased the home quarter in 1952.  At that time there was only a couple of old granaries and a worn out little barn here.   We have aerial photos in every decade since and it is interesting to see how the family farm has progressed over the years.  The farm currently consists of 3650 owned and leased land.  In the mid sixties my parents expanded their cream shipping into a dairy milking 45 cows.  A name was needed for their dairy.  Hi Low was selected.  The name reflects the geography of the farm as land is farmed and ranched in the bottom, sides, and top of the Qu'Appelle Valley.  During my parents time in the dairy business they were recognized with the Cleanest Milk Award and the Top Production Herd in the province.

In 1975 the dairy cows were dispersed and a small herd of commercial cattle were raised.   In the fall of 1978 two positive brucellosis cows were discovered.  One case was here and the other was at a neighbor's place one mile away.  The cows and their calves were slaughtered in the spring of 1979.   A year later we were granted permission to resume livestock production from Ag Canada.  In 1980 Dad purchased the first twelve purebred Angus cows and heifers from Belmoral Angus.   Three great cow families emerged from that initial group.  The Lady McHenry, Rosebud, and Pride lineage's now make up a large part of our breeding program.  Our focus has been and will continue to be on producing sound functional females with a balance of calving-ease, milking ability, quiet disposition, and longevity.  We will be expecting 170 calves this spring.

Hilow Angus